What drives us every day is to make the world a healthier and happier place! We are here to disrupt the way the restaurant industry operates and to improve the health and wellbeing of people across the globe. Healthier people are simply happier people. For way too many years, the fast food industry has gotten rich by peddling unhealthy processed food that offers no nutritional value, but satisfies the lowest common denominator in consumer’s tastes, by providing cheap meals (not so cheap these days) based on sodium, sugar and fat. Our mission is to shift this paradigm and instead offer freshly prepared, healthy and delicious meals that everyone can afford, so the world becomes a healthier and happier place. This is what drives us every day and is in our DNA!

Our World

By providing freshly prepared, great tasting and healthy food at reasonable prices, Chicken Kitchen® goal is to make the world a better, healthier and ultimately a happier place. We strongly believe that access to better nutrition will change the world for the best, since a healthier population will live longer, happier and have more productive lives. It will also save us all billions of dollars annually in healthcare costs, a win for all! We also believe in enriching the lives of all the constituents that belong to our eco-system, whether it’s the local farm, our small produce distributor, the dedicated hard working people who provide exceptional service to our guests or the loyal customers who come eat our food every day. Every decision we make as a business ties back to each of these constituents and we know that our ultimate success is dependent on the happiness and satisfaction that we ultimately provide to all of them. With this philosophy driving our company culture and decision making, we believe we can create amazing value for our guests, support for our local businesses and communities and develop a strong team of loyal and dedicated professionals who derive joy and meaning from their work. That’s the world that we strive to build!

Giving Back

We are proud to be involved with many local charities, schools and organizations that make our community a better place, but the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program, founded by the Chief Chickenologist’s wife, Jennifer Valoppi, is the local charity that is closest to our hearts. Women of Tomorrow is focused on improving the lives of the most vulnerable young women in public high schools, thru a unique mentoring program with accomplished professionals and offers scholarship opportunities to higher education. Chicken Kitchen® has been supporting this very special organization, since it was founded in Miami, back in 1997 and is the charitable organization that we are the most proud to support.

Learn more about Women of Tomorrow here